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    Since 1999, Astrolabe was chosen, every year to supply Pepsi Cola International (PI) with the Core Line of Business Software Application: Sales And Distribution.
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    Société Moderne Libanaise Pour Le Commerce (SMLC)
    has been using Astrolabe’s Sales and Distribution Logistics Software Solution (SDX) since it was first developed by Astrolabe and continues to use it to date as a core business solution for their line of business
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    Jordan Ice & Aerated Water (JICE) has been using our Sales and Distribution Software Solution (SDX) since it was first developed and continues to use it to date as core business solution; for that, JICE has requested from Astrolabe to provision Software as a Service (SaaS) for the SDX Solution and Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the SKYNAX RP32 application.

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    JOUD Syria, a Pepsi Franchise Bottler, had implemented MEA S&D solution in 2003. JOUD Syria explored also different options for business software solutions for the Sales and Distribution operation like ERP and HRMS. 
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    Atlas Bottling Corporation (ABC),
    a Pepsi franchise bottler in Algeria, implemented the MEA S&D solution in 2003.  

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    Pepsi Egypt
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    African Bottling Operations (ABO) in Libya has been using the Pepsi Sales and Distribution Software Solution (PSD) and SDX since 2003 and continues to use it to date as a core HRMS business solution. 
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    Pepsi Pakistan
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    Fritolay Turkey

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    Saudi Snack Foods Co
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    Chipsy for food industries
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    Astrolabe was selected in 2008, to supply  Virgin Mega Stores Lebanon (VMSL) with our HRMS360 solution to help Virgin's management in Human Resources and Payroll operations.
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    Astrolabe was chosen since 1998 to supply AMB with a solid integrated Personnel, Payroll and Attendance control.
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    Astrolabe was chosen, by Eli Lily  since 2003, to supply two of the most important solutions that has to be localized: HRMS360 and Sales Tracking System.
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    In 2002, Roche chose Astrolabe to supply and implement the core business application in use for the regional operation: Sales Tracking System.
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    The Zarka Chamber of Industry - Jordan

    Astrolabe was brought in 2001, to implement a Chamber Management Portal Solution that will automate all chamber activities from membership, receivables to an online job exchange.

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    In 2002, ARISON called on Astrolabe to supply the required business solution, ERP, to maintain their market lead in their area of expertise. 
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    In 2001, Astrolabe provided Americana-Jordan with Oracle based Front-Line Support Services. 
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    Agricultural Development Co. S.A.L
    As of 2024, Astrolabe started providing Tanmia ORACLE EBS DISCOVERY AND AUDIT SERVICES.
  • sabis
    From 2002 to 2005, Astrolabe provided INTERED SABIS with Oracle Licenses and support and upgrade services. 
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    In 2005, Nada Waters-Redbull requested the installation of Astrolabe’s Inventory & Financials System. 
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    In 2008, Astrolabe provided Ulysses with a Hotel Statistical Observatory Software Implementation. 
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    In 2004, Astrolabe was pleased to implement “Astrolabe Financials & Inventory” for M.M. Sinno & Sons S.a.l. based on Astrolabe’s experience to provide, on a running hardware, a fully tested and implemented software, along with appropriate training. 
  • cedarcom
    In 2008, Astrolabe completed the implementation of the “Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) 10g” on Cedarcom’s Billing System Database.
  • Saradar
    As of 2001, Astrolabe provided the support and maintenance services to Audi Saradar Private Bank S.a.l for the installed Astrolabe Human Resource Management System (HRMS). 
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    In 2001 and 2002, Astrolabe provided Credit Bank with Oracle Licenses and support. 
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    FMS-Tech has been using Astrolabe’s ERP and HRMS Software Solution since 2011 and continues to use it to date to manage some of their back-office operations. 
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    In 2003, Astrolabe implemented Oracle Financials and Oracle Human Resources Management System (HRMS) for Investcom
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    In 2013, Astrolabe provided Strategy&, previously named Booz & Co. with HRMS Licensing & Implementation Services. 
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    In 2004, Astrolabe supplied Zeal S.A.L with Astrolabe Financials and Human Resources Management Software Products.
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    In 2001, Astrolabe offered to State University of New York (SUNY) Oracle Licenses and Support Services. Also in 2002, SUNY requested the acquisition of Oracle Database implementation. 
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    In 2012, Astrolabe agreed with Premium Partners LLC on starting ERP & HRMS Licensing & Implementation Services. 
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    In 2003 and 2004, Astrolabe provided the Lebanese Prime Minister's Office with Oracle Licenses and support and upgrade services. 
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    In 2003, Astrolabe agreed with the Lebanese Ministry of Health on a Visa Billing System Migration project. 
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    Régie Libanaise des Tabacs et Tombacs
    Astrolabe was chosen in 2001 in a joint venture to deliver software solutions for the following major functional areas, among others: ERP, HRMS, Sales, Warehouses and Inventory and Maintenance.
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    Ministry of Economy and Trade
    The ministry decided to build new systems for a number of their most critical services, Astrolabe was chosen to build two of those systems: Intellectual Property Registrations  System (2002) and Price Index Monitoring System (2003).
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    Ministry of Justice
    In 1998, OMSAR launched the biggest software and integration tender for a Lebanese public organization, and Astrolabe was chosen to build the Phase I of  the modern Lebanese National Commercial Register.
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    In 2004, Astrolabe provided the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs with a Rights and Access Information System (RAIS). 
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    General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education.
    In 2002, Astrolabe provided MVTE with Official Exam Automation Software as per the winning the tender in 1999. 
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    The Lebanese army military cooperative is a commercial operation in FMCG retail and wholesale that chose Astrolabe in 2008, to supply the cooperatives with the following solutions: ERP3, PoS and ICT Master Planning.
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    In 2001, Astrolabe signed an Oracle Installation Contract with Bourse de Beirut. 
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    In 2009, Astrolabe agreed with Tomorrow’s Advice on the implementation of ERP3 & HRMS 360, as Eléctricité du Liban (EDL) was the beneficiary of this implementation. 
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    Port Of Beirut

    In 1999, Astrolabe was chosen to build the automated tariff system, in use until today for both Tariff A and Tariff B, and again was awarded in 2003 two assignments to supply and implement: ERP and HRMS

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    In 2003, Astrolabe led a Master Computerization Project for the Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects. 
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    In 2003, Astrolabe signed a contract with the Association of Lebanese Industrials for Developing an E-Chamber Solution. 
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    In 2008, Astrolabe signed a contract with the Association of Banks in Lebanon for the implementation of Training Delivery System. 
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    Beirut Container Terminal Consortium S.A.L.
    In 2005, Astrolabe agreed with BCTC on the Supply & Implementation of HRMS and Financial Management Information System (FMIS) solutions. In addition, Astrolabe provided BCTC with advanced Professional Services and support.