HRMS 360

Astrolabe Human Resources Management System (HRMS) introduces the new generation of leading business applications built using cutting-edge technology

What is HRMS 360?

Astrolabe HRMS is a comprehensive and fully integrated Human Resource Management Solution that meets every company’s business needs.  

Astrolabe HRMS provides a complete business life cycle solution, and it is composed of various applications. 

Enterprise Class, 360-degree management of all employment related operations.

Complete Recruit to Retire Cycle, Modular Employee Self Service Functions. 

Powerful Reporting Configurable to Operate in almost any compliance landscape. 





Personnel Management  

Astrolabe HRMS 360 solution allows the maintenance of all personnel information in one common master files according to the rules, policies and procedures of the organization. The update, add-in or change of any employee status, managing leaves, promotions and warnings is performed through this system.


Payroll Accounting & Compliance  

HRMS 360 solution allows the production of on-time error-free pay slips through the access to employee files and allocation of the payroll, taking automatically into account: Social Security allowance, taxes, benefits calculations, bonus arrangements, percentages, multiple currencies, working time and overtime.


Attendance Logging & Short Leave  Management  

Astrolabe HRMS solution provides a robust time management that allows a much better planning for meeting deadlines. Our solution allows the tracking of: Time spent  per task on a project basis, Measurement of employee attendance by interfacing with time attendance devices, Working time and overtime, Preparation of payroll data based on time management and activities planning.


Employee Self Service 

With ERM employees can access and administer their personal information, online leave and vacation application, vacation balance enquiry, salary slips, organizational policies and procedures. They can also register for courses and initiate the processing of medical claims.


Career Development

Some tasks require optimum qualifications in order to be performed; the HRMS solution allows the management of courses, the registration and scheduling, the cost and course fees management as well as the identification of employee skills and a justification for the employee enrollment and post-training evaluation.


Recruitment & Onboarding

Astrolabe (HRMS 360) enables the storage of candidates' recruitment data, allowing the filtering of the relevant information. Matching applications with job requirements are easily managed through an all-integrated business processes.


Advanced Dynamic Reporting  

Astrolabe HRMS 360 provides extensive reporting capabilities for all types of users and at all organizational levels. The solution has a Meta Layer ready for integration with Oracle Discoverer, one of the most advanced Ad-Hoc reporting and BI tools available on the market.


Advanced Enterprise Security  

A main set up, access and security module controls the software application allowing the owner to manage all security aspects from access rights to the smallest level of viewing only a report, to the administrator's full access.


Enterprise Workflow & Approvals  

Astrolabe HRMS 360 is a business process-based application software that has an integrated workflow and approvals engine that can be linked to any transaction type or level. This feature provides a phenomenal flexibility to the organization to perform and apply any process change without incurring any overhead other than the mapping of those new processes in the workflow engine.